#MagandangHapon Day 9: Airports


Forever 21 romper and pants || F&F boots || brown leather jacket from my grandmother || bowler hat from Shibuya || photos by Bea Malveda

The day we left Japan was literally spent at the airport! I flew from Japan to Manila, then Manila to Davao. It was kind of weird and surreal to be waking up in chilly Japan then going to bed in warm Davao all in one day. I felt like I'd gone through too many events for one day, which just goes to show that A LOT can happen in a day. I'd initially planned wearing something different but because I'd overslept (we had a REALLY early morning wake-up call time), I decided to just go with a monochrome outfit and wear the bulkier items (leather jacket, boots) and items I couldn't pack (hat). I think I ended up looking very fasyon that even Migz commented that I was too dressed up for the flight home. LOL. Amazing (and funny) how a monochrome outfit can do wonders in adding a dash of sophistication, even when you're poorly prepared!

And this is the last of my Japan posts. :( / :)

Thank you so much to the Japanese government and tax payers for the opportunity! I really loved Japan and I miss it so much. Hope I can return in 2015!!


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