Weekends (or whatever's left of it anyway) are sacred to me because that's the only time I get to rest. I have 6 school days and a bulk of my time goes to school work, and working to achieve my fitness goals (I take a really long time to work out, just ask my trainer). I go home late to avoid the traffic then I "study" some more (I do most of my studying in school, during my 2-hour breaks) then go to bed at around 11 pm at most. I do this to have enough energy so I won't fall asleep in class or get tempted to skip my workout.
A lot of times, I feel like I'm missing out especially on the social life front. I feel like I rarely ever get to see my siblings, so I was pretty glad when we all bonded over a movie today. We watched Gone Girl, which was CUH-raaazy but I loved it. I also miss doing chores like cooking, which is therapeutic for me. I even miss washing the dishes! I also miss blogging, which I only now get to do once a week. :( I still have about 4 entries left over from Japan and maybe 4 outfit shots, 2 events and our blogger bonding in Tagum from the sembreak (eep!) but I chose to bump this post up cause I'm gonna go crazy if I don't get to post something and let the entries pile up. I would want to write entries chronologically but I just can't find the right words for those last few Japan entries yet (#writersblock) so this is me being self-indulgent and you know, posting random brain farts.
(Um actually, I just posted this set cause the photos were too good and I couldn't let them rot in my folder for a month or two more)

This is what I wore to school just last Wednesday. I got myself a wide-brim hat because I think that's a pretty quintessential accessory right now for the fall. I built my outfit around that. Pants were obviously key because I didn't want any more hassle of the guards telling me that my skirt was too short. I thought this was a pretty good outfit--comfy, attention-grabbing but still looking like I didn't try too hard. 

SOUL Lifestyle cover-up (old) || Forever 21 tank || Forme pants (their pants are the bomb! They always fit me so well) || thrifted boots and bag || SM Accessories hat || Olivia & Diego necklace worn as a bracelet || photos by Alex Ellevera

By the way, if you're stumped thinking what to give your friends for Christmas, why not give them something from Olivia & Diego? O&D are upcycled accessories made by empowered women from the local community. How's that for sustainable style? So if you want a gift that keeps on giving, check out O&D. If you're from Davao, they have a booth at Abreeza's Christmas Village and will be there til the 21st. (Oh oh, I styled a shoot for them once but I haven't posted the BTS and photos here yet. One of my favorite shoots to date!)

Here I am with Migs, fellow ChE student and our current Engineering and Architecture rep, who says he's always wanted to be on my blog. LAWL =))) #wishgranted

and with Ina, our IE rep. Both were on their way to watch the EA play in the (Intramural) semis for men and women's basketball teams and men's volleyball team when they caught me shooting these. It was a sad day though, cause we lost all 3 games :(

I'm just 4 exams away from Christmas vacation!!! Wish me luck this week!


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