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Toptea is a milk tea shop that's a favorite of many a student. They serve different kinds of milk tea, juice, some coffee and dessert. But recently, due to insistent public demand, they started offering food, starting with pasta dishes. Last week, I was invited to try Toptea Davao's new offerings--pasta! 

I was pretty excited since first of all, it's my first time at Toptea. I think anyone who knows me well knows that it's not because I have a drink preference or whatever, I just rarely ever drink anything other than water. :)) Second, I'm a big pasta lover so this was a huge treat for me. I ordered the meat pasta in red sauce, and it did not disappoint! :) For 75php, the pasta's portion and taste was very reasonable. My friend, Patricia Babas, the owner/manager took culinary courses and personally prepared and served the food for me. I felt so special! :)) BTW, they also have carbonara, if you're not a fan of red sauce. 

Me and Titit :)

Another thing I loved and noticed about Toptea is their cute interior! They have really cute designs according to a theme, a freedom board and even have a board called "Faces of Toptea" which features their regular customers. I noticed that Titit (Patricia, the owner/manager) is very hands-on with her business. Even back when she was studying, she would go to Toptea in between breaks just to check on the shop. She also really takes time to reply to messages and posts on Facebook, as well as check on her customers, going as far as being friends with them already! I think that's what sets Toptea apart from its competitors.

I went with my food trip buddies March and Mai-mai. Mai-mai got the chocolate shake (which I kept sipping from hehe) and March got the Kiwi tea. For a milk tea place, their prices are very reasonable. Like, there are only a few things on the menu that are over 100php.

If you wanna try Toptea, the best time to do that is TOMORROW on their 2nd anniversary! :) :)
Toptea is offering a FREE pasta dish for every purchase of a large milk tea drink OR a FREE medium drink for every purchase of a large drink.

Here's their menu for reference:

Toptea is located at F. Torres St (near Fairlanes), Davao City
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