Where are the #OOTDs?


Ever since I last posted something well thought-of (as in serious, honest-to-goodness writing), a few of my friends have been asking why I've stopped posting outfits or #ootds. This amused me because well, I didn't know my outfits were something to look forward to! :)))))
Well the real reason I haven't been posting is that I don't have time. I know, I know, that is such a lame old excuse, and I'm not using it to make myself look cool or whatever (it's not cool being busy), but it's true. I'm in my graduating year, determined and focused on finally graduating, I'm a student council officer, I'm an editor for the Engineering paper and I'm doing research work on the side. Lately, I haven't had much time for my friends (*sad face*) much more have time to shop (good side: my wallet is happy, bad side: I don't have new threads I can wear on the blog).
The only remedy I see for the dilemma of not having time to shop is online shopping. But, I'm not a conventional size and each store sizes their products differently so I really have to try clothes on and see how they fit me. However, bags and shoes are a safe bet. I like them because aside from the fact that they are a safer option for me to buy online, they can instantly change an entire look. I could have around 10 items of clothing in my closet, but if I had a number of bags and shoes I could play around with, I could create different looks.
 Like for this look, I had Coachella in mind when I shot this (thus, the hat, boots and flowy nude cardigan). But, I can also wear this on a casual day out with just the dress and a pair of sandals. I don't often wear sandals so I've been scouring shops online to find the perfect pair. You can check out some of my favorite cute sandals online and help me pick some out! It's so hard to choose! (I'm eyeing some pairs from Rubi and Collective.com)
Hope you liked this look and tell me what you think about the sandals!! xx


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  1. hello, its nice to see you with your outfit of the day, me i have never posted such. Maybe im not as confident as you. Hoping to see more of your outfits.

    1. Hi Zelmarq!

      I was like that at first--hesitant to post my outfits. You should try. It's another way of inspiring yourself to dress up and look good :) :)



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