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I don't know if you've felt it too, but social media is slowly losing its appeal.
 Lately, I've been re-assessing myself, as well as my social media sites (of course, that includes my blog), and I feel like they aren't headed the same direction, which is why lately, every outfit feels like I tried too hard, every post feels forced, everything feels fake, all of which are things I don't stand for.

Yuyu Cafe


You've read the previous post about our spur-of-the-moment road trip, now find out the real reason why we made the hour long 50km trip to the city--to try Yuyu Cafe!

Bridal Trends 2015


They say girl's wedding gown is the most important thing she will ever have to wear (and pick out!). So, gals who recently got engaged and have not yet decided what (or who!) to wear, listen up! I'm listing some bridal trends for 2015 and I hope this will get to help you out (I missed doing lists like these). If not, let's bring out that inner little girl daydreaming of our future wedding then just ooh and aah at the lovely gowns.

Trend #1: Off-the-shoulder gowns

Generous Aline Offtheshoulder Sleeveless Beading Chapel Train Satin Tulle Wedding dresses

Forget the sweetheart (neckline), sweetheart! A new neckline is here to stay. It's especially perfect for bohemian kind of weddings, but still also gives off this posh vibe. Don't they remind you of princess gowns (Cinderella, especially)? Personally, I'm obsessed with off-the-shoulder tops right now as well. It's good for showing off your collarbone and it opens your face up so that it's the first thing people notice.

Sembreak Chronicles: Blogger Bestie Roadtrip!



Here's one of the few posts I have left over from last year, and one of my favorite moments of 2014! You know the saying "buti pa ang lakad na di pinaplano, natutuloy"? (random outings push through more than planned ones) This was one of those instances!

Shop in Spotlight: CCHairExtensions


I'm pretty lucky because I was born with a thick head of hair in a color I like. However, there are times (especially after a bad hair cut, or when I'm bored with my look) that I want to change my hairstyle, but not drastically. In comes
CChairextensions is a shop that deals with everything that has to do with hair, specializing specifically with selling hair. You know when you hear the word "weave" in movies or on America's Next Top Model? Yeah, they have that. They sell only 100% Brazilian or Indian virgin human hair at pretty low prices. Their extensions can be clipped on, looped on or taped on. You can also buy hair weave directly and have it put on by your trusted hairdresser. The hair weave comes in different colors--from jet black to beach blonde. It also comes in different lengths, from 16-inch to 26-inch hair weave! And of course, it comes in different textures--from straight to wavy to curly!

CChairextensions is legit and is endorsed by different bloggers. They even have a review page where all the photos, videos and blogs are posted. I might try to buy a set if I'm feeling adventurous, but now I'm pretty content with my hair. :)

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First for 2015



Happy New Year!

This outfit post marks a couple of firsts for me--this is my first post of the year and my first time wearing pajama pants. I've always wanted to wear pajama pants because they're great for lazy days. I just never could because I couldn't find the perfect pair. I've got big hips (that don't lie) so instead of being loose around the area, the pants just hug 'em tight while the crotch area is left with an awkward bulge. Finally, my sister found the perfect pair for us girls with big booty so we got a couple of pairs. Here's something I would wear to a date--simple, fuss-free yet polished, and could take me from a movie to dinner and drinks.

Esmoda pajama pants

Watcha think? :)


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