Show Some Love


I got these in the mail couple of days ago but only found time to blog about them now.
I'll be doing a Valentine's Day giveaway soon, and here are some of the prizes!

NYX Lippies in Athena and Iced Lavender from Gillianna of Gillianna's Shop

tan slim wallet, coin pouch and red envelope clutch from Shai of Shy Shop 

and I got a whoooole lot of accessories from Dane of Febrile Chic!
I got so much I think I have enough for a few more giveaways!
(Not pictured by the way, is a yellow tassel necklace which I wanna keep for myself! hahaha)

Thank you to all my generous sponsors who agreed to sponsor my giveaway on such short notice!
I only asked for one item because I planned on having only 1 winner but I was given more in return! So my 1 winner plan may be 2 winners instead!
Thank you for showing so much love! :)


  1. wow, this is exciting! ^_^

  2. can't wait for your giveaway :D

  3. Exciting! I love NYX! :D



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