SOUL Lifestyle Bloggers' Shoot BTS


Some photos on what went down at the SOUL Lifestyle Bloggers' shoot last Monday.

Mimi and I played make-up artist to the three lovely bloggers. I practiced my "mad make-up skillz" on Gail.

Guess where we had our shoot? I suggested we shoot here. I have always loved it here. So peaceful, quiet and beautiful!

Pink Mother Mimi doing the "Cheyser"  pose! We miss you Cheys! :)

ate Diane, ever so dependable!

Steph glamming it up.
We actually had a FULL-LENGTH MIRROR at the shoot, c/o Kweshie, whom we've christened as Mary Poppins.

Blogger/Photog Aidx playing stylist to Kweshie

a little preview of Gail being shot by Jun!

Steph in outfit #2, shot by James

Notice how I only posted half pictures! I don't want to spoil the bloggers' posts by showing their outfits!

Three bloggers, three photographers, three outfits each.
The photographers (Jun, James and Aidx) got a chance to shoot each blogger in a different outfit.
What is fast??

Usually, when we schedule a shoot, it ends up raining. This time it was no different.
The day started out beautifully, but later on, the clouds started to darken. Good thing we had an indoor venue!

Despite the rain and haggardness due to multiple outfit changes, Kwesh and Gail find time to goof around!

Excited for the bloggers' outfit posts! :)

(photos by me, taken with Gail's camera)


  1. very cool!
    Love your blog.
    Shall we follow each other?
    I would love that.
    xx Emily of EL Vintage

  2. wow, this looks to fun! cute nina Kwesh!

  3. I love Soul Lifestyle! aabangan ko photos from this shoot! Followed you. :p

    If you have time, please join my post-birthday blog giveaway here:

    Thank you! :)

  4. The place looks really beautiful. Di ko to alam. :) This looks quite fun Farrah! I don't know much bloggers here in dvo though :/

    1. Hey Marion and Hannah, I'll blog about the shoot for SOUL's blog soon! Including the location! haha. intrigued kayo ah! haha



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