Shop in Spotlight: Armessi


I am super happy, proud (and pressured) to announce to you that I will soon be taking on my very first styling project! I will be styling for Armessi, my former AIESEC co-app Yana Santiago's line.

Yana is a super talented Clothing Technology student at UP right now, and she will be showcasing her S/S 2012 collection at the NCCC Fashion Show featuring Davaoeno designers on February 25. She won't be here though, that's why she asked me! Haha. 

Little tidbit: Yana messaged me on Facebook and proposed this to me. I said YES! But then a few seconds later, I got cold feet. She said that I should go for it cause she trusts me.
Aww. :'>

Thank you sooooo much for entrusting this to me Yana!

So, a preview into Yana's Debut Collection: Into the Wild.

I love the mix of animal print and patterns! So fresh!

To shop, visit
Find them on Facebook

Photos from Armessi fan page.
Taken by RJ Santos
Modeled by Emmerie Cunanan
Accessories by Saint Rebel Street Boutique


  1. Replies
    1. That'll be the same day as that thing we planned for the weekend Cheyser will be here! haha dagan-dagan jud ko. Buti malapit lang sila :P

  2. Replies
    1. Cool, you know her pala? :p ADHOC in UP niyan eh. :))



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