Trendspotting: Ombre Hair


Ombre'd hair has been making waves in the blog-o-sphere lately.
It's been spotted on:

Cheyser Pedregosa of TheWalkingRecessionista

Patricia Prieto of Paradigma

Mia Durano of The Handmade Turban

Kookie Buhain of Death by Platforms

(photos from their respective blogs)

The hair gives off a relaxed and breezy vibe that's perfect for the coming summer months.

A tip: Before having your hair ombre'd, consider your skin tone and wardrobe. I like Cheyser's hair best because it compliments her skin tone and the change is gradual. The ends have almost the same color palette as the roots. But since summer is coming, light ends also work in giving off that beach-y vibe. For colder months, keep hair darker.

What can you say about the trend? Do you plan on getting your hair ombre'd or not?
Tell me!


  1. I love ombre hair! :) But my hair has this defect that makes the ends look darker. IDK. It has always been like that so it's like I have instant ombred hair. Hahaha!

    1. Hi Marion,

      you know what, I think I saw you last Wednesday at GMall. Your ends are pink right? Hihi :P My sister told me she wants pink hair daw like you! Haha. Baka yung hair mo is acidic? HAHA. parang sa skin, yung pag acidic, nagdadarken yung foundation. Haha jk :))

      yay, thanks for dropping by :)

  2. I love their hair!! :) Omg.

    1. I like Cheys' hair best! Kung bagay lang sa akin HAHA =)

      Sayang di tayo nagmeet nung Sat :(
      Thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. How can i get that Hair style? OMG, i really wanna have those! :(((

    1. You can do it yourself (search it online) or have it done in parlors :)



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