Jill Stuart F/W 2012/2013


Not really a Jill Stuart fan but I couldn't NOT post this collection. It really appealed to my personal style aesthetic, which is clean, classic, polished and girly.

My favorite pieces include the black dress with the collar (3rd photo) and the turtleneck/slacks combo (6th photo). The 7th photo was a beautiful unexpected pairing of prints, although I thought the skirt was a bit too casual for the runway show (compared to the turtleneck on the 6th photo which looked a bit more luxe).

So sorry I wasn't able to post a Stylish Saturday yesterday. I purposely disconnected myself from the internet to rest.  I spent my Saturday with my family. We watched the last full show at Abreeza last night. For us girls, it was The Vow and for my dad and brother, they watched Ghost Rider. I found the movie cute, especially their wedding at the museum. Channing Tatum was so hot when he cried, I couldn't help but shed tears myself. My sister Feebee was crying hysterically that my other sister, Timmy, couldn't help but hiss "Shut up Feeb! You're the noisiest crier here!" Haha. Rachel McAdams was so charming. You just get drawn her. I thought the ending wasn't good though. :|

So, how did you spend your weekend?
I'm spending what's left of mine on making lab reports and studying for 2 exams tomorrow.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. The dresses are divine! Love that first one, especially!!!


    1. Yes they are! :)
      I'm a new Jil Sander fan! :)
      Thank you for dropping by :)



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