My sister has always teased me that navy blue is my go-to color. She's right. I have tons of navy blue tops; the color makes me look fair. Anyway, the turning point was one Wednesday, I wondered out loud "What should I wear?" and she said "Navy blue". We both laughed at the thought but she turned serious, "Seriously Far, don't you have any other color to wear?" Can you imagine, I got schooled by my admittedly-not-into-fashion sister! That only strengthened my resolve to wear more color! ;)

I wore this to shopping with my mom and sister. I hate myself for shopping a few days before my Manila trip  (leaving tomorrow!) but I don't really have as much buyer's remorse as I usually do. For one thing, I finally finally finally got studded loafers!!! Again, my sister retorted, "These will be your new favorite shoes, I bet" and I'm sure she's not far from the truth. Can't wait to show it to you all! :) (BTW, it's only the second photo in my sad Instagram account. Follow please? farrahgarcia)

As early as now, I'm telling myself: I'm not going shopping. Forever 21's coming to Davao soon and there's already Tomato here. The only place I'd probably go shopping is..through Cheyser's stuff. I've been given permission to raid her closet when I go to her place. How's that for recessionista? :) By the way, if you're planning to shop, shop for blazers at ZALORA!! I have a lot of favorites! This is a beautiful fuchsia blazer and this is a bright blue blazer similar to mine. You can also get a 5% discount using my code: TheStyleReactor120

Last thing! I saw this photo from my Pinterest yesterday and I had to laugh cause it looked as if I based my outfit on this! Inspiration?

color blocking
Brad Goreski, Rachel Zoe's former assistant



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