top: H&M
blazer: Forever 21
studded loafers: Parisian
bag: Tomato
photos by Macey

This is what I wore yesterday to the 1st day of the event our org organizes every year, the Students' National Chemical Engineering Conference (sNCEC). The first event was the NaChES (Students' National Chemical Engineering Symposium) held at UP Cine Adarna. I came to Manila for that event last year but it rained so I decided not to go anymore (blogged about that here). Last year, I wasn't from Ateneo yet, just processing documents for my transfer. I sneakily scheduled my trip to fall on the week of sNCEC 2011. Anyway, fast forward to 2nd sem when I got to Ateneo. I found out that only 1 person from AdDU went to sNCEC last year, and it was a prof at that! So now that I'm in Ateneo, I invited people to go and was able to convince 2 fellow students to accompany me. #fortheloveofKEM Thanks Clem and Neil! I hope you guys enjoyed and learned something, even if I kept leaving you :(

I was sitting in the back when an alumna, Lloyda, approached me and told me he was shocked to see me. He said I was a diehard daw (now you know where the title came from! Lloyda also came from Naga, by the way, so we're both diehards k). I dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing (if you take diehard meaning a fool for something or someone), but I guess in a way, yeah, I am. I was thinking about this the other day before leaving for Manila--am I reaaalllly going to Manila for KEM? Did I just really spend for fare + pocket money for KEM? Back then, it seemed so foolish but then I realized you know it's love when you allow yourself to be a fool for it (or him/her). And now I realize, my part seems so small compared to my friends who really worked hard, lost sleep and spent more money for the events and for the organization itself. Congrats, you guys!

Also, though I usually feel otherwise, I guess there are times it's better to be a fool in love than to be smart but lonely. (Or maybe it's cause I picked the right one to love? hihi)

HAPPY 58th BIRTHDAY KEM!!! <3 p="p">

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