Top: Uniqlo
shoes: Tomato
scarf: from my ninong
bag: OASAP

This is what I wore to watch Bourne Legacy with my sister Feebee at Abreeza today. I came from school and I asked my sister to come over to take my outfit shots for me. For her to agree to go to Abreeza, I had to treat her to a movie. At first it was okay cause I had a free pass and I’d only have to pay for 1 but I missed the starting of Brave (I thought it was 1:30 but it was actually scheduled at 12:30), so we watched the Bourne Legacy instead. It was okay. My geeky self got thrilled while Rachel Weisz was rambling on about genetic effects cause I could relate. There were some parts I almost fell asleep to though, but I was at the edge of my seat during the Manila action scenes.

So, what inspired this outfit? Necessity..and Europe. I took longer than usual to dress today because I literally had nothing fasyown to wear. We were supposed to have a blogger lunch and I knew we’d go off to shoot afterwards. Knowing Kweshie, she’d be in something bongga! But sadly, it didn’t push through, which was why I had to call my sister. This outfit is what my mom and I would jokingly refer to as simple pero rock (Origin of this statement: I had my yaya sign my autograph/slam book when I was younger and at the describe yourself part, that’s what she put in. It stuck, that’s why I remember it). I really tend to go for the classic look...with a twist. I really love all these chic Europeans I see on Tumblr. Their clothes are simple but beautifully tailored and they are the epitome of the understated glamour. Though I know I should wear color while I’m in my 20’s, I think the pink shoes give a cheeky statement to my serious look. I wore almost the exact same thing yesterday, but black pants and a white polo. I didn’t get the chance to have my photo taken so I wore something similar today.

Anyway, this is super random but I realized it’s both kind of sad and all right to have the same clothes. Sad cause you wear the same thing over again, but at the same time, it’s okay because you tend to treat your clothing like your friends. I don’t know, because of my size, I’d never had that much clothing, so I already have that go-to set. Like with friends, I already have a go-to set who I depend on, who I’m comfortable with.

So, what are you guys up to tonight?
I think I’m gonna stay in and have a date with Holden Caulfield (Before you guys rejoice at the prospect of me having a date, for those who don’t know, he’s the character in The Catcher in the Rye. HAHA).

PS. I've finally reached 50,000+ views! Thank you guys for that!
PPS. This is my first look with my new hair!


  1. Adorable look Far =) i love your shoes!

    1. Thank you Pat! Simplicity goes a looong way =)

  2. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations



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