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I read an article on tips to be an It girl and one of the advice given was to find your distinct style. I was scouring the mall yesterday and found this blouse in the department store rack. I mean, it was simple. It was navy blue. It was chiffon. It had gold buttons. It wasn't loud, special and trendy.. but it caught my eye still. I realized that despite the sales and nice clothes around me, among everything I ever saw, this was the only one that caught my eye. And though a lot of people don't understand the beauty in simplicity, this top is my style.   

I just wanted to show you this blouse I want but didn't buy because it costs 1000php. :( As a rule, I try not to buy tops over 1000php. I might find something of the same kind but at a lower cost. Anyway, if you want a similar blouse, I found one from Zalora. I would love to own a blouse like this because it can take me from business to casual! And my look with the shorts was very Hamptons-esque, right? (Just imagine me in white shorts!) 

 I also wanted to share you something I've been pondering on the past few hours in the car while on the way to Buda. It happened yesterday while I was in Abreeza and I swear I can't take my mind off it! There was a girl of about 16-18 years old with her friend in front of me near the escalator.  She was well-dressed, she was in heels and her hair was pulled up in a half ponytail. At that time, there was a group of indigenous people holding up the line to the escalator. They were afraid of getting on the escalator. I saw the girl whispering to her friend "Ugh ano ba yan? Di sila marunong?" (Ugh why the hold up? They don't know how?)

My grandmother being afraid of escalators, I felt for them. I, along with a middle-aged couple, helped them get on. I'm not perfect and I'm not the most patient person myself, so I don't wanna sound self-righteous and yap about don't do this or don't do that. I understand people can be xenophobic. But because of that encounter, I realized a couple of things. One, things so normal to us like escalators, we take for granted. It's quite refreshing to look at a group of people who are so simple-minded and innocent to things like these. You learn to appreciate the everyday stuff. And two, your outward appearance defines how people treat you but it sure conceals what's inside you. And what's inside of you really defines who YOU are.


  1. The top looks good on you ! ;)
    Wait ka nalang until they have their christmas sale.

  2. Very well said in that last paragraph Far. So true. Sometimes all it takes is just a little understanding and patience.
    Btw, that top is really nice, but yeah, it is a bit expensive. Maybe wait for the sale, if they still have it by then? Oh and I love your necklace!

  3. Nice top! :D
    Btw, this is such an inspiring post. srsly, nakakatouch. :)



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