Donut Talk


Last Thursday, I went to Abreeza for Go Nuts Donuts Donut Talk. There were about 40 members of the Davao Bloggers who came for an evening of crazy good times. There were 2 games, wherein a pair of TOMS shoes and BioEssence GCs were at stake. There was also a Twitter raffle where the grand prize was a 3-day, 2-night stay at Pearl Farm Beach Resort!! Lucky girl Dawn won a game AND the Twitter raffle! Congrats, Dawn!! :) I almost won the cookie game myself, but didn't. Sad, I wanted those TOMS!!!

Anyway, on to the more important stuff: the donuts. Before that night, I had no idea the Go Nuts Donuts was a Filipino brand! Did you? I didn't believe it, I swear! What sets them apart from their competitors though is that they use all-Filipino ingredients, and they incorporate those Filipino flavors into their donuts. They also try to come up with new products to keep up with the evolving market. One example: the pizza donuts. They look like donuts, but are really 100% pizza. We were each given a dozen and my brother went gaga when I came home. He's a BIG donut lover.

They will soon come up with cookies, donut cakes, moist cakes, and pocket pies! I can't wait!

Visit Go Nuts Donuts in Davao at Abreeza Mall and Gaisano Mall.


  1. cool event! just a question, paano ba makasali sa mga ganito na events Farrah? :)

  2. Sounds like a very fun, yummy event! Wish I could take part in one of these events.



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