top: H&M
shoes: Tomato
necklace: StyledUP

Just showing you what I wore to last week's trip to Seagull Mountain Resort in Buda. I can't believe it was just last week that we went! A lot of things happened since (I went to Manila, for one). This entry I just keep pushing back for the other backlogs and my other outfit post which I wore in Manila. 

I just wore something simple and comfortable since I know I'd just be sitting in the car. I enjoyed the road trip and the change in scenery. I'll be posting some more photos from our trip in the soonest time possible, I hope! I can't promise anything though cause it's exam week and I still have a lot to catch up on.  (EDIT: I went to school today and found out I have the chicken pox! So I am spending the next 7 days home, working, to catch up on backlogs and other work-related stuff. As if the whole of August was not already vacation enough, I just had to have the chicken pox when school resumed. On another note, I realized how much of a workaholic I really am. Somebody chill-ify me!!)

Tried my hand at the aztec trend by incorporating an aztec necklace into my outfit. You can buy one from my shop (StyledUP) or from Yhansy at Zalora. You can buy from Multiply but with ZALORA, you get free shipping AND a 5% discount with my code: TheStyleReactor120

I entitled this Enchanted cause the photos seemed as if they were taken in some enchanted forest that *poof* magically made me look slim! (What is this sorcery?) Thank you to my cousin Irah for taking these! :) 

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