Goody Two Shoes


dress used as top: Cheap Monday
skirt and bag: H&M
cardi: from Cheyser
photos taken by Hannah Magsayo

What does one wear to brunch? I have a vague idea so I did what I do in any situation: Ask WWBD. What would Blair do? A little Googling and I found this photo of an episode from the first season.

Blair in a polished top and a skirt.

This is such a goody two shoes outfit! This is something I'd probably take inspiration from when I do a "meet the parents". My sister and I were talking about it last night. I forgot how our convo started but this is what I'm reminded of when I see this outfit post: a "meet the parents" kind of outfit. Mine was the unpolished version though. I noticed that I like having something "wrong" about my outfit to avoid looking too polished. After all, as Marilyn Monroe once said "Imperfection is beauty" :)

Blair wore a printed top and solid bottom but I did it the other way around and paired a printed skirt with my top. I think prints on top make me look bigger. :( Anyway, this was just a throw-on-whatever outfit. It's not bad, right? Sometimes I have outfits that I put together in my mind but they don't turn out as good. I think it's better to grab and go. In this case, I grabbed what was buried in my closet! I rarely wear any of these clothes, but the bag and shoes have had their share of the limelight here in my blog. =))

Hannah took these photos of me in school. I hung out for a bit with my fellow Chem Eng'g students to support Leah at the Karaoke Challenge, as well as check out the fiesta.


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Happy Kadayawan, Davaoenos! :)

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