Panagduyog 2013 (Part 1)


I know this blog has been dedicated to my personal and creative pursuits (aka fashion, non-school related and personal life AKA Farrah's less boring side), but I wanted to show you what I will (probably) be doing once I finish school. So presenting:
My Chemical Engineering life! *\(^_^)/*

*got that emoticon from my orgmate ate Sheilah. haha.
So anyway, two weeks ago (Jan 31-Feb 2) I went to Cagayan de Oro for the first time for two things: 1) to see my lover Mia and 2) to attend Panagduyog: The 1st Mindanao Wide Chemical Engineering Conference. Just to give you a background, there are 4 schools under the Junior Chapter of the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE) in Mindanao: Ateneo de Davao University and University of Mindanao from Davao, Xavier University from Cagayan and Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology from Iligan. Students from those 4 schools attended the conference in CdO.

My classmates, 5th years and I weren't able to attend the first day because we had class so we left that night for CdO. We rode the bus which left at 9:30pm and arrived at CdO at 4:30 in the morning. Before the trip, I was hesitant to go because of the 7-hour bus ride but my parents practically forced me to go and in fairness, I didn't even feel the hours go by..and I'm glad they forced me to go. I had fun. Anyway, we got to the MANRESA dorm where we stayed at around 5am, rested for a bit because the day's activities started at 8:30am.

Me, Vemar and Migs. I still have pig eyes from lack of sleep, sila ang fresh nila!
For us third years, we had 4 plant tours planned the whole day! We were running late so I didn't get to eat breakfast at Jollibee (had to do take-out which was sad since I was looking forward to eating pancakes but I had to get a sandwich instead :( ) Our first stop was CEPALCO Solar Power plant, which was amazing! 

Nerd alert! Did you know that they (solar power plant alone) produce 1MW worth of energy which is enough to power 900 houses in CDO? That's a lot of help, what with the power crisis happening in Mindanao! And did you know that CEPALCO is actually the only plant that produces a surplus in Mindanao and that the Davao region has the biggest shortage in terms of electricity/energy production? We use up more energy than we can produce! So Davaoeno readers, turn off your lights and appliances if you don't use them!

Right after, we went to Rio Verde Water Consortium which is in charge of distributing water to CdO's Water District, meaning they get the water from their sources (mountain, underground, etc) and sells it to COWD, which distributes it to the consumers. I loved this plant. Everything was so clean and green! Well it should be clean cause we drink the water yaknow.

Water testing done here, but to us it looked like Ocean Park or something! Haha. Picture-picture again! :)

tralala. my blog, my rules! :)
Vemar took this photo of me and I love it cause I look thin ;)
Third plant we visited was the Philippine Sinter Corporation which was about an hour and a half drive away. Our hair and faces got all disgusting and sticky with grime from the ride but let me tell you, it was worth it!

waiting for the 4th and 5th years!
It was worth it cause we got to see HUGE equipment upclose that we couldn't help but geek out! Don't judge! Haha. PSC's plant was so nice also. The roads reminded me of the UP Oval, plus their office was housed in a museum-like house. It was really beautiful.

PSC creates iron sinters or in layman's terms clumps of iron from fine iron ore. The sinters, or clumps are easier to burn and use. (You can Google sintering if you don't believe my explanation! Haha) In this case, PSC's only client is a Japanese firm which they are under. It's the 7th biggest plant and I thought that plant was huge cause it had a port and everything, so I can't imagine the BIGGEST plant! 

huge ass equipment
a mountain of ore!

That was the last plant we toured since it was around 5pm already and the offices of the 4th plant were gonna close. Good thing though because by then my body was itching to bathe!! Right after they brought us back, we were told we could have a free night! And that's when I went out with Mia. :-)

So, that's it for now. I wanted to post everything about Panagduyog here but I realized it was too long and I wanted to share my experience in CdO before it got old. HAHA. Part 2 soon!

Hope you learned something!


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  1. Great view in Davao. I didn't know about this plant. Cool. :)

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    1. That's in CdO but thanks for the comment and for visiting :)



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