Dong Juan


Two Fridays ago, my friend Mithi and I went out after not seeing each other for a couple of weeks (wow, what's with the two-week interval period? :)) ) Anyway, after walking around a bit, we decided to stop by for a place to eat and chanced upon Dong Juan at the top floor of Abreeza.
Dong Juan looks expensive but it's actually pretty affordable! We weren't feeling very hungry so Mithi and I just ordered their Gambas pasta and fish nuggets. We only paid 350php for both, which was pretty shocking! I think it's because Dong Juan is a restaurant chain that didn't originate from Manila (it's from Dumaguete I think?)

The Gambas pasta is supposedly one of their best sellers. It's really good!! Hindi nakakaumay.

The fish nuggets were your normal cream dory but with a honey-vinegar sauce I think.
I want to try their burgers next time.

My favorite part was the interiors. So Modern Filipino-chic.

Anyway, go visit Dong Juan at the 3/F of Abreeza.
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