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I was in CDO for a couple of days last week to attend a Chemical Engineering conference, as well as you know, visit my lovah Mia Durano of After a grueling first day (we arrived at 4:30 am on Friday and had plant tours from 8:30am-5:30pm!! More about that soon!), finally we could rest and do whatever we wanted so I called Mia and she picked me up. We went to her house so she could change and she took me to Centrio.

She's been telling me about this thing called tartufo from Candy's and she said we should try it out so that's where we had dinner. Apparently, the tartufo is only found at Candy's at CDO (it's their specialty) and people really make a trip to Candy's to try it out. Anyway, it's a ball of ice cream surrounded by cake and dipped in chocolate. Super sinful and the price was quite steep (for 2, cause it's meant to be shared by 4) but I'm not always at CdO (it was my first time actually!) so we took the caloric plunge! Haha

This is what we had for dinner. I had spinach ravioli (trying to be healthy to make up for the sweets I was sure to have after) and Mia had pork chops. Om nom nom. I'm actually craving for ravioli now!

Candy's ceiling. I loved the decor of the whole place. It was so cute and over the top, I felt like I was at the Mad Hatter's place having tea.
my date, lovah and tour guide
On the second and last day of our stay (Saturday), I sneaked out of a talk to meet up again with Mia. We went to Centrio to walk around...again cause my butt was getting sore after sitting down for hours on end. We ended up having a warm brownie cup at Delecta before we left.

My stay was so short and sweet (literally and figuratively). Thank you lovah for being the best tour guide! :)

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