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Just a short post before we head off to church!

Here's something I wore to a movie date with my friend (and new photog) Lorraine about a month ago (oops! haha). We watched the noon showing of Les Mis and since I woke up late, I grabbed the first thing I saw.
As usual my penchant for basics and last minute dressing worked in my favor. I thought the look was simple but not totally boring, plus I loved how the photos turned out. I look like a GAP ad model in the first photo (because of the background!). Naks. A girl can dream! :-)

pants: Forever 21
shoes: Parisian
bag: OASAP

PS. For some reason this outfit reminds me of something Louis Tomlinson of One Direction would wear.
See? I just Googled "One Direction red pants" and voila! 

How was your Sunday? Mine was good cause my sister and I were randomly craving for breakfast and on a whim, we went to eat at Jollibee. It was a cool and cloudy day here plus I had nothing to do (since exam week just ended!) so it was one of the most perfect Sundays I've had in a long time. :)


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