Panagduyog 2013 (Part 2)


This is Part 2 to my Panagduyog post last Friday. I realized that I only had a few more things to write about what happened on the third day (our second day) of the conference. Oh well.

I updated the other entry with more photos by the way! Click here!

On the third day, we had seminars at Xavier. The 1st-3rd years toured their Chemical Engineering laboratory.

view of the Engineering building.
I love the XU campus! It's like Ateneo de Manila's and Pisay's combined

The XU ChE students really impressed us with their knowledge of the equipment. I can't believe they are allowed to operate the equipment on their own.

This kuya showed us the Heat Exchanger. I enjoyed listening to him because he's so smart, he knew what he was talking about and he was able to make us "put a face to the name", to borrow an expression. Why do I say this? In our books, we read about heat exchangers and such but do we see what it actually does in real life? No. So how could we visualize and design equipment better? Haha #nerdalert

This one's the distillation column (omigod I'm not even sure! Haha :| Laking kahihiyan to!). It was also explained to us by this kuya (and may drawing pa) and because of that, I understood the principle behind it. Good thing I'm not taking majors that deal with these equipment yet, so if time comes I know what they do already in case!

After the lab visit was lunch and then we had a talk, which I didn't finish just to hang out with Mia. :p But afterwards, I went to the culminating dinner/fellowship night with everyone at Mindy's in CDO.

JPIChE Ateneo
Thank you XU for inviting and having us!
Til the next one! :)

PS. I want to sing at the next fellowship night. Hahaha!


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