I Hate Love


Tired of being in the "When am I gon' find love" club
I come close, get a dose but it just ain't enough
Right guy, wrong time
 Right time, wrong guy,
What's the use, why even try

dress: Robinson's Dept Store
jacket: Forever 21
shoes: SM Parisian (overused!!)
bag: OASAP

...Scared what it does to me but I just got to have it
Been right in my reach but for some reason I can't grab it
Love keeps hating on me so I hate love...I hate love
-I Hate Love, JoJo

Got to love JoJo's brutal honesty in writing songs. To me, she's kind of the R&B version of Taylor Swift because she has songs too for every situation! This song wasn't included in her album though, I just found this and a few other leaked versions online. Anyway, this is what I wore to school last week, February 13, the day before Valentine's Day. I wore black to show how much I "hate"/"protest" Valentine's Day but as I'm typing the entry now, I'm kind of regretting it! I feel stupid, emo and childish for being (or looking) very "anti-love"! Haha. To be honest though, I didn't feel that on the day nor when I was picking out the outfit. I just wanted to wear my Forever 21 jacket out so I can tell/remind you all that I'm selling it if you want it! =)) I guess I was also reeling over my giddiness that I looked thin last Sunday in my all-black outfit.  Or maybe it's cause I've been reading too much "bad boy" stories on Wattpad?(Please don't judge! My sister introduced me to Wattpad and it's been a guilty pleasure of mine ever since. I'm following 5 stories now haha!)

Hope you liked my outfit!

PS. Please pray for Davao. There's a typhoon coming and I'm scared. I really don't want it to flood again. :(


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