The Wind In My Hair


top: Robinson's Dept Store
shorts: SM Dept Store
shoes: Payless
bag: vintage Gucci (my grandmother's)
photos by Kwesh, from Dawn

Such a weird title for the post but I couldn't think of anything! I think I'm finding myself stuck in another rut--writing-wise and outfit-wise! School's ending in less than a month from now and before that, as of now I have 4 major requirements to accomplish: my English portfolio, reports and experiments (+ packaging!) for the upcoming Engineering and Architecture Fair (that's March 8-9 at Abreeza), my FILIPINO RESEARCH PAPER, and our Literature play (say whuut!). It's funny cause most of those requirements are from my minor subjects and they make me feel like I'm in high school, like the play. I would much rather write a play review or something, or maybe that's just me.
Anyway enough of the ranting. This is what I wore to our blogger Valentine dinner last Feb 16. Upon inspection of my planner last year, I found out that our first blogger dinner at K-Steak (for chikka sake lang) was held Feb 17! So I thought maybe this should be made a tradition soon! :) Sadly, not everyone we invited was able to go due to last minute constraints so it was again just me, Dawn and Kwesh basically but Steph and Janvie dropped by. Plus, we also got to meet Ella. We ate at Bon Apetit at GMall. It was our first time there. I don't have photos of the food (and of us) though cause my sister borrowed my camera as it was her prom night that night too.
I wanted to wear something casual, chill and posh--like the rich classy girls wear for Sunday lunch or a casual dinner with friends. I wish I wore pants though, it was freezing that night!! Anyway, I don't know if I pulled it off but I hope I did! Haha
Enjoy the last day of the long weekend!!
(Thank God for it, I'm doing my paper and it's hard to translate scientific stuff to Tagalog)

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