Boho Glam


shirt dress: Cheap Monday
blazer: Forever 21
shoes: Parisian 
photos by Lorraine

Hey again everyone! Sorry I haven't blogged for a week! I haven't been that busy, but I haven't had the chance to go online since I drafted that other blog post. Anyway, over that week a lot of things happened so I have lots of stories to share with you. Lots of stories = lots of blog entries!! And not just entries I'm forced to write just for the sake of posting.

Anyway, this is what I wore to school last Wednesday. I didn't want to "cram" my outfit again so I peeked through my closet to see what I could work with. I was feeling so lazy and in a "dress" mood, plus I also remembered this waaaay old outfit of Vanessa Ann Hudgens in a shirt dress so I thought "Why not?". The shirt dress was too sheer though so I had to wear leggings. :( It totally threw off the aesthetics (meaning I felt so plain and wrong) so I wore a blazer to "Farrah" it up. I thought the end result was okay. What'd you think of the brown boho elements mixed in the more glam and polished ones? :)


PS. While searching for Vanessa Hudgens photo on the internet, I found out that she's currently dating Austin Butler aka Sebastian from The Carrie Diaries! What up!! They make a cute couple though!!


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