I didn't really like how the color of my photos turned out cause they were taken inside a department store so I edited them in a reddish hue just to get in the spirit of Valentine's Day.

I wore this last Sunday to dinner at a Chinese restaurant for Chinese New Year. We aren't Chinese but my siblings and I all wore red to church just for the heck of it and so my dad had no choice but treat us to dinner at a Chinese restaurant to complete the experience! Haha

I look slim here! :p
As usual my sister Feebee was the most prepared (she had the idea for all of us to wear red) and I wasn't about to let myself get schooled in fashion by a 15 year old! Haha. (Competitive?) So what I did was go to my strength: comfort. When in doubt, go for what you know looks on you. So instead of going all out fasyon, I went for a simple look. I wore all black (like a New Yorker) and added my red cardigan. I thought the look was simple but chic. Plus points for me also for hitting two birds with one stone: a red outfit perfect for both Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year! Ta-daaa!

What'd you think?

top and cardigan: Robinson's Department Store
shoes: SM Parisian
Anyway, in the spirit of cheesiness, I just wanted to thank you for reading and supporting my blog. Every year, as Valentine's Day nears, I get a little lonely and *bitter* because the right one (naks) hasn't come, but I realize I have a whole lot more to be thankful for: my family, my friends, my readers, etc. And I realized how blessed and loved I really am because hello!! I have dates not only during VDay but everyday! I'm so excited for today til the weekend--I'm fully booked! :))

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  1. I love the red! How cute. What a fun idea!

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. Don't get lonely and bitter, Farrah! :)
    Natraffic lang yung right guy for you!
    Belated Happy Valentines Day! :)

    Jamie Kate
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    1. Aww Happy VDay to you Jamie! Onga, baka natraffic pero kay tagal ah! hahaha :p



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