Stylish Saturdays: Mayo Wo


Here is another edition of Stylish Saturdays featuring Mayo Wo of! I really really really love her feminine-romantic style which shines through no matter what she wears! Take that look above for example. That's an example of an androgynous look but I still get the feminine vibe. I'm not sure if it's her photos or just her delicate feel or aura as a person. Nevertheless, I love it! I really wish I could pull these kinds of looks off!

Hips Don't Lie


I wasn't supposed to shoot this particular outfit but since the opportunity presented itself in the form of my uncle's camera and my sister's "willingness" to take my photo, here's another outfit shot for y'alls. These were taken during my cousin Erika's debut party a couple of weeks ago. We were told to come in navy blue.

There's a Couple at the Back


Hello! From Davao.
I'm supposed to be in Cebu now with Mia for her birthday trip (we booked tickets in January) but something went wrong so it didn't push through. I'm still sad about it but there isn't anything more I could do, as our my flight had left last Saturday (when these photos were taken). It was funny too cause right after the time I was originally scheduled to get back to Davao (tomorrow), I had planned to be going to Manila too for an AIESEC NLDC conference. Sadly, that also didn't push through cause when I decided to book tickets, they were already so expensive! ASDFGJKL So I'm spending sembreak in Davao...again.

Styling Portfolio: Foto Modelo Ateneo Team EA


on Paolo: Team Manila shirt; jacket and beanie: Nikko Zamora; jeans and shoes: model's own
on Pitang: Team Manila shirt; plaid polo and skater skirt: Jas Cando; shoes: model's own
A VERY overdue post seeing as the winners have already been chosen, but I just wanted to show you the photos of the outfits I styled. (By the way, Paolo, our male model won 2nd runner up and Gian, our photographer, won best photographer) I participated in the Team Manila street style shoot, for team EA (Engineering and Architecture). I was asked to help out in the contest/shoots, as recommended by Migs. I'm glad I did cause this served as an avenue to meet, work and befriend other engineering students, especially those from the SEC (students executive council). I even miss the team a bit. #clingy

This shoot was memorable as it was my first time to style a guy! I think (well I hope) I really have a knack for it--I love menswear! The shoot's theme was street style and since the brand we were working with was Team Manila, we conceptualized outfits that had a feel of the 90's neo-grunge era, which was timely as that is a recurring trend right now! :)

I'll add more photos once Gian gives me a copy. I hope seeing this post on his timeline pressures him to do so!!

Hope you liked this set! xx


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Stylish Saturday: Nicole Warne


One blogger I am simply obsessed with at the moment is Nicole Warne of I used to follow her when she was still on blogger (garypeppervintage) and still had long hair then. I admit, I wasn't following her religiously then and I don't know I got a hold of her blog again (probably through Instagram where she posts the most beautiful photos!)

Trendspotting: Pajama Dressing


I am going to "bombard" you with more fashion (and not personal style) posts as I haven't done a lot for the past few months. Mostly, my posts were of my outfits or what went on in my life, or my thoughts on things so I'll try to go the other route and share things that caught my eye. (Besides I have yet to shoot more outfits soon! Gah!)

One of these is pajama dressing.

Darcy's Place


Last Friday, I met up with mah gurlz Mithi and Julienne after not seeing them for over a month. The last time we saw each other was at our little chill Kadayawan gathering and even though it's only been a month, it felt like ages! A lot happened that we needed to share in person (cause sometimes, a story told through text messaging does not cut it!) so we planned to meet up.

Our group's problem when we do go out though is..."where to eat?" Even when we were in Manila, where there are tons of establishments to choose from, we'd always take long to pick a place to eat. It was a good thing Mithi thought of and suggested this place, which she's heard raves about from her classmates.

Talk Aint Cheap


Regardless of whatever situation, I think that freedom of speech is imperative.  Granted we follow basic courtesy and try not to curtail someone else’s freedom to do so. That being said, I have all reason to enjoy this freedom of mine and I have a right to do so (speak out) especially if I know I am right.


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